75 Year Old HT Brigham Acquired by New Thinking Brigham Group

The Brigham Group has bought out HT Brigham & Company Ltd. This 75-year-old company is now under new management. A new Board of Directors has also been appointed.

HT Brigham is a leading supplier of metal pressings. Its headquarters are in Coleshill, Birmingham. They cater to automotive, white goods, and yellow goods markets globally. The buyout marks a major change. The company has transitioned back to private ownership. They were under a trust for nearly three decades.

Allan Murray is the Managing Director. He’s excited about this new chapter. Allan sees this as an exciting opportunity. “The team now has the chance to roll out a strategy fit for the future, and our commitment to current customers is unwavering. Furthermore, we have identified promising opportunities to pursue soon.

Mike Benham is joining Allan in the acquisition. He’s the existing Production Manager. Doug Allen is also on board. He has been working with the business for the past year.

Mike said, “We value the company’s dedicated workforce. Furthermore, we look forward to a bright future as we continue to work together to drive customer improvement, and also make a positive impact on our local area.”

Doug also commented on the transition. “This is a significant business change. We are committed to work closely with the workforce and also suppliers. We aim is to ensure customer satisfaction. Moreover, to ensure they continue to receive high-quality products and services on time.”

Finally, Brigham Group thanked Simone Thomas and Barry Smith. They served as Directors and Trustees of HT Brigham.

Moreover, they would like to thank Chris Jones of Select Business Finance Ltd, James Sage of FBC Manby Bowdler, Andy Kay of Crowe UK, and Craig Moore of CJM Associates for their professional support over the acquisition period.

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