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BOS – People

At Brigham we believe that our great people make the difference. This is why we strive for an environment that helps them work at their best. The People element of our Operating System helps us to consider culture, equity and management.

Our values are a big part of who we are, and ensure that our behaviours are equitable, inclusive and fair. As a business we have been pushing gender equality for more than fifty years, and continue to drive towards a position where every single person feels valued and included, regardless of their individualism. We understand that fair and equal are not the same thing, and strive to ensure that every one of our colleagues has the same rights, and are governed by the same simple philosophy, irrespective of their position within the company. Here at Brigham, we treat every situation individually, and always ensure that we understand the context of the actions that led to an outcome — we believe that context is important, and leads to fair arbitration.

Our Operating System ensures the right skills are deployed at the right time, and our people have the guidance and feedback necessary to achieve their goals, which in turn allows the organisation to perform at its optimum level.

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