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BOS – Process

Process is about how the business functions day to day. It includes operations, quality and problem solving. This aspect is designed to drive predictable outputs for all our processes, and correct them should something go wrong. We use it to align our operational processes with our strategy and execute through measurement and reflection. Quality ensures that we plan our processes, control, and improve them effectively through rigorous problem solving methodology.

Our Quality Management System meets the requirement of AITF16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001, and this is verified by the British Standards Institute who provide our certification. Our quality processes are there to monitor our operational performance and feed into our problem solving methodology.

A heavy bias of all our improvement activities, is problem solving.  The Brigham Operating System recognises that without a proficient problem detection, analysis and correction methodology, continuous improvement is nothing more than a delusion. Our system aims to empower every member of our team with the authority to stop when a problem arises, and the skills and collaborative culture necessary to solve them.




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