Presswork Expertise HT Brigham & Company Ltd

BOS – Purpose

Purpose is what gives our business direction, and enables our leaders to satisfy all our stakeholders\’ needs. It sets the \’why\’ for our people, and allows us a simple answer when our customers or interested parties ask us why we do things. This why compels us all to work towards our vision of improving faster.

We define our purpose by understanding our markets and stakeholder needs, and then developing a strategy, and importantly, effectively managing finance, to empower our leaders to get on with executing of our objectives.

Our strategy is set, and reviewed to ensure our customers get what they want when they need it. Focusing on our customers needs, and collaborating with them ensures we generate finances to govern via our budgeting, contracting, and accounting processes. This drives our strategic execution by ensuring we have access to the resources we need to drive customer satisfaction.

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