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Maximise Performance with the best Organisational Culture

Our organisational culture is designed to make staff want to stay with us. Over the last 75 years we have invested time in creating a positive environment where our employees feel they are valued, and also feel happy.

Organisational culture importance

Organisational culture’s importance cannot be overstated. It shapes the way employees behave in their work environment. It may differ from one organisation to the other based on mission, vision and values. We have designed our Culture & Philosophy, to enable an organisational culture that helps us recruit, and helps us retain talented individuals.

Our strong organisational culture offer us many benefits. The main ones,

  • Attract the high-value talent
  • Make onboarding more effective
  • Improved staff retention
  • Improve relationships among employees
  • Enhance our organisation\’s identity
  • Improve our productivity
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Promote business growth

The Things Our Culture Promotes

1. Encourage feedback from employees

We encourage honest feedback from all of our employees. There is no penalty for speaking your mind at Brigham, so long as you do it respectfully, and without bringing the company into disrepute. Moreover, Honesty and Trust are important tenets of our values, and when we give one another feedback we lean heavily on these values.

2. Pay attention to employees

We care what our employees think of our leadership, our processes, and our products. We actively engage with them to ensure that the processes are optimised, also we understand that no-one knows these processes like the people that operate them.

3. Encourage collaboration

The Brigham Operating System is designed for collaboration. Our processes interact with one another, and so it is to be expected that our people will too. Also, it is important to our success that we act like a team, and not like a bunch of individuals. After all, every great leader should know that a good team, beats a group of brilliant individuals, every time.

Collaboration extends outside our factory limits too. Moreover, our organisational culture also recognises the importance of collaboration with customers, and suppliers.

4. Lead by example

Our organisational culture has been shaped by 75 years of experience. Moreover, we know that leaders need to set behavioural benchmarks. Additionally, our leaders are approachable, empathetic, and respectful. However, our senior team expect nothing less, and actively promote these values throughout the management team.

5. A great place to work

People are most productive when they enjoy what they do. We try hard to ensure that our work environment is friendly and also free from hostility. Anything or anyone that disrupts this balance, will not be tolerated inside Brigham\’s organisational culture.

6. Prioritise employee well-being

At Brigham we care about our employees. We want them to be fit and healthy, physically and also mentally. We will try our best to ensure that we help not hinder well-being, and our leaders are well versed on trigger signs of mental health. Brigham, also have an Organisational Psychologist in our senior leadership team, to help promote mental health, and drive better awareness of such issues. Moreover, we are an inclusive organisation, with a zero tolerance to discrimination.

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