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Celebrating Diversity: New Way of Paying Homage Brigham’s Matriarch

Celebrating diversity is essential to building a better, more inclusive future for Brigham Group.

Margaret Brigham blazed a trail for women leaders in manufacturing. She ran a successful presswork manufacturer from 1987 until her death in 1996. Since 1947 she had been at the side of her husband Hugh, as they began the production of high quality, high value metal pressings.

When he started out, our founder, Hugh Terence Brigham likely never envisaged a time the company would grow to today’s size. It’s likely he also never thought of a time when he would not lead our metal pressings business. Sadly, on a fateful day in 1987, his tenure ended. Margaret took the reins and drove the business to success after success. The name HT Brigham became a tribute rather than an indicator of ownership of the pressing company. Margaret ran the company until her death in 1996, when she left the business in trust.

Roll forward to 2022, and Brigham Group has become the fourth owner of the pressings business in the last 75 years. Our senior team felt that the brand was a little dated. Moreover, we have chosen to freshen up our logo. Although, we would not wish to change the name of the company, we did think it was fitting to remove the HT from the brand. Like her husband, Margaret had fine business acumen and the pressings business thrived under her leadership. The new Brigham logo recognises the hard work both Mr and Mrs Brigham put into building our company. It also represents the fine legacy they leave behind.

Brigham Group CEO Doug Allen said, “In a time when we try desperately to promote women’s participation in STEM subjects, engineering and leadership, it comes as a surprise to some that women like Mrs Brigham were pioneering the way thirty years ago.

“Right now, women play an essential role in our every facet of our operations, from shop floor to boardroom. I guess it’s just part of the Brigham Way. Our operating system, maybe uniquely, recognises equity as core to its People element, and we celebrate the companies diversity both past and present. I think that’s why dropping the HT from our logo was important to us. This company is very proud of it’s name, but it has been founded on the backs of hardworking people not a single person.”

In the logo itself we chose to keep three circles. Although they may be totally different now. They represent the three tenets of our organisational culture, People, Purpose, and Process. Theses new circles are transparent representing the type of culture we are promoting.

We hope the tagline, Presswork Expertise speaks for itself. Those who read our previous release will know that this is the name of our new web address —

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